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Friday, 6/2: Angle Relationships (Day 5 of 14)

Learning Target: Use angle relationships to identify angle measures.
Handouts: More with Angle Relationships (Turn in: Mon, 6/5)

We started today by writing down the rule for triangle similarity. We know that if two angles of one triangle match two angles of another triangle, then the third angles must also match and the two triangles must be similar!

Yesterday, we looked at the pattern of angles formed when parallel lines are intersected by another line. There are names for each of these angle relationships! Today, we completed the back page of our notes that have all of the angle relationships in pictures!

If you’d like to see a video describing these relationships, check it out here:

We also had some problems where a triangle was intersected by a line that was parallel to one of its sides. We found that this always creates a similar smaller triangle!

In class, you had to complete #1-6. There is no additional homework, so have a great weekend!


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