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Tuesday, 6/6: Showing Your Work in Geometry (Day 7 of 14)

Learning Target: Use geometry vocabulary to identify and justify angle measures.
Handouts: Showing Your Work (Turn in: Wed, 6/7)

Today we continued our work finding angle measures using angle relationships, but today you also had to justify your answers! This is what showing your work looks like in geometry. To do this, you complete a two column chart. The first column is titled “Statements” and is where you write the angle measures that you find. The second column is titled “Reasons” and is where you write how you know the angle measure using geometry vocabulary. Here is an example…

I would like you to fill in each line of the table as you find each angle. Do NOT fill in the diagram first and then complete the table because you won’t remember how you found each angle! Find the angle in the diagram, then fill in the line in the table, so that you will be able to correctly state how you know! Also, make sure you write each angle measure into the diagram so that it is easier to find the next angle measure!

Notice a couple of things up above… When we give the angle measures, we include the m before the angle. When we are referring to angles (on the Reasons side), we do not need the m. Also, we list the angles that we find in the order that we find them. This allows a person reading the table to clearly see how the problem was solved. Be sure to include the angles that you are referring to in the reasons column. Don’t just write down “supplementary angles”, state which two angles are supplementary! And finally, notice how I filled in the diagram with the angles.

I would like you to finish #1-6 for the classwork. This is no additional homework!


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