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Monday, 6/12: Using Interior Angle Sums (Day 10 of 14)

Learning Target: Use the interior angle sum formula to find unknown angle measures.
Handouts: Using Interior Angle Sums (Turn in: Tues, 6/13)

Today we used the interior angle sum formula that we came up with last week. For example, if we know how many sides a polygon has, we can determine the interior angle sum (see the first example below). But today we also had to apply the formula to solve problems. In the second example below, we know the interior angle sum of a polygon, but we want to know how many sides it must have. We can set up and solve an algebra equation using the formula.

Almost every single problem on today’s assignment needed the interior angle sum formula in some way! Your homework is to finish #1-13. Also, we have a quiz on Friday!


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