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Classroom Donation Wishlist

Every year, I spend hundreds of dollars on classroom supplies. If you are interested in making donations to my classroom, I would be more than willing to accept them! Here is a list of items that I use in my classroom and would love to have donated…


You would be shocked to know how many pencils I have to give to students over the course of a day! Donations of pencils will definitely be put to good use in class!

Average price: varies


Pastel Colored Paper
I print each packet of class notes on pastel colored paper. I use a different color for each unit, so I go through a lot of colored paper. I would love a ream of a light pastel color (pink, blue, yellow, green, purple, salmon) in 20 lb paper weight!

Average price: $5-10 per ream


Classroom Calculators
I have these calculators for students to use in class. They are Texas Instrument TI-30x iis. They are fantastic calculators with many functions, and are solar powered! However, with constant use by teenagers, they can get beat up pretty badly and/or broken. I would love to have more of these on hand so that I never have to worry about not having enough!

Average price: $15


Graphing Calculator
If you are looking to make a major contribution, I would love to have graphing calculators! The current set that I have now are older models and are slowly breaking down. The model I would like to use in my class is the TI-84 Plus (the model that most of the local high schools use).

Average price: $90-130


AAA Batteries
Running graphing calculators takes batteries, and their cost quickly add up since each calculator needs four! I would happily accept a donation of AAA batteries!

Average price: varies


Whether you are able to help with these items or not, I appreciate you looking through this list and your willingness to help out math class!

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