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Fun Stuff About Me!

Rigor Mortis 2017
The teacher band Rigor Mortis was back! Here is a picture of us at the talent show!



Spirit Week 2016
It was colors week – red, orange, yellow, green, then blue…

And a video of me at the Spirit Assembly getting pied… Pie video



Rigor Mortis 2015
The teacher band Rigor Mortis made our return this year! Here is a picture of us at the 2015 Talent Show assembly and the end of the year assembly!



My Sky Jump Video – 2014

This is me jumping off of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the tallest free-standing observation tower in the country! I was 105 floors up, which is 855 feet. I wasn’t scared at all, until I looked over the edge…



My Movie
CLICK HERE to watch an animated cartoon that I made about me and my class!



Rigor Mortis 2010
Here are some pictures of me singing with Rigor Mortis at the 2010 spirit assembly!



I Won an Award – 2008
I was named a 2008 Symetra & Seattle Seahawks Hero in the Classroom!

They gave me tickets in section 101, a jersey with my name on it, a pass to go down on the field during warm ups, and they put me on the big screen during the game!



My Skydiving Video – 2008
Here is the video of me skydiving in Hawaii on Pi Day! Was I scared? No way! Just watch my cocky little strut as I am heading toward the plane.



Seattle Times Article
Here is an awesome article from the Seattle Times that asked high school seniors to give advice to kids on how to be successful in school. Oh, and did I mention I was one of the high school seniors quoted in the article? It’s from 1995, but the advice is still good!



Rate My Teacher
Did you know that you can rate your teachers on a website called I think it is pretty funny! Check out my ratings.



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